Characterizing cell-type spatial relationships across length scales in spatially resolved omics data

Rafael dos Santos Peixoto, Brendan F. Miller, Maigan A. Brusko, Lyla Atta, Manjari Anant, Mark A. Atikinson, Todd M. Brusko, Clive H. Wasserdall, Jean Fan^

Abstract: Spatially resolved omics technologies provide molecular profiling of cells while preserving their organization within tissues, allowing for the evaluation of cell-type spatial relationships. We developed CRAWDAD to quantify cell-type spatial relationships across length scales. We highlight the utility of such multi-scale characterization on simulated data, recapitulate expected cell-type spatial relationships in tissues such as the mouse brain and embryo, and delineate functionally relevant spatial-defined cell-type subsets in the human spleen.

Paper: bioRxiv

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