JEFworks Lab Transparency in Resource Allocation

Prof. Fan seeks to provide greater transparency in allocation of lab resources in order to mitigate gender and race-specific disparities and help ensure that all lab members are treated fairly. This is a living document and subject to modifications. Please feel free to fork, modify, and make pull requests to introduce new policies or modify old ones. This document was last modified July 2022.

Compensation (Wages/Stipends/Benefits)

For Post-doc Associates and Fellows, compensation levels start at $68,500 and is commensurate with years of post-doctoral experience at rates consistent with University Guidelines. A one-time relocation package of up to $1,500 will be provided to assist with reasonable moving costs per IRS guidelines. In addition, post-docs will be provided with health and dental insurance benefits through University Health Services.

Post-docs are strongly encouraged to apply for fellowships as a part of their career development. If the fellowship’s compensation level falls below those provided in the lab and/or does not include comparable benefits, additional compensation and benefits will be provided to ensure that final compensation and benefit levels are matched to those of other post-docs in the lab. No additional compensation or benefit will be provided on the basis of fellowships alone in order to maintain fairness, particularly among US and international students. Likewise, in order to mitigate gender and race-specific disparities, compensation levels are non-negotiable with the following exception: negotiations to increase compensation by one post-doc will be considered on the basis that commensurate increases in compensation will be provided for all post-docs in the lab to maintain fairness.

For PhD students, compensation is provided in the form of a full tuition scholarship, health insurance, and a stipend to cover living expenses. Please check your program guidelines for exact details. Ex. BME PhD guidelines


Travel expenses for lab members who are presenting (talk, poster, etc) will be covered in full.

An annual travel allowance of $1,500 is provided for each lab member and can be carried over annually. All lab members are encouraged to apply for travel fellowships as a part of their career development and to subsidize travel expenses in addition to their allowance.

Eligible expenses include:

  • Economy flight, train, bus, or mileage if driving.
  • Economy accommodations for duration of the conference/event.
  • Reasonable food (excluding alcohol due to NIH restrictions).

Increases in travel allowances will be considered on a case-by-case basis to best ensure that quality career development opportunities are not being missed due to financial constraints.

Lab Outings

Expenses associated with formal lab outings such as lab dinners and retreats, including reasonable associated child-care expenses for attending lab members, will be covered in full.

Expenses associated with informal lab outings organized by other lab members can be reimbursed up to $20 per lab member without approval and increased with approval from Prof. Fan.