How to write a grant

Please follow this checklist in preparing to write your own grant under the mentorship of Prof. Fan.


  1. Create a OneDrive folder with the [CurrentYear]_[YourName]_[GrantName] and share with Prof. Fan

  2. Add to the Lab Calendar the grant deadline as “Hard Deadline: [GrantName] for [YourName]”. Add to the Lab Calendar a set of soft deadlines for yourself as “Soft Deadline X: [GrantName] for [YourName]”. Prof. Fan recommends setting soft deadlines for 3 weeks prior to the hard deadline and addition soft deadlines as needed based on your working style (be honest with yourself!)

  3. In the OneDrive folder, start a Word document that includes a 1 page summary with the following information:

    1. A first paragraph that addresses the following questions:
      • What is the big picture biological question?
      • What are the current challenges?
      • If we address these challenges, what will be the impact to the field / why is it important?
    2. Three specific aims that includes:
      • What is the specific goal of this aim?
      • Why is this specific goal worth addressing?
      • How will you address this specific goal? What tools or techniques will you use?
      • What are some anticipated challenges? What are potential alternative solutions?
    3. A last paragraph that complete this sentence:
      • Successful completion of this proposed research will…
  4. Email or Slack Prof. Fan about the OneDrive folder ahead of your regular one-on-one meeting or set up a special time to discuss further.