How to write a paper

Please follow this checklist in preparing to write up your scientific research


  1. Create a shared OneDrive folder named as [year][yourname][onewordpapername] and share with Prof. Fan

  2. Copy over the manuscript writing checklist to the folder and rename as [onewordpapername]_manuscript_writing_checklist.xlsx

  3. Create a 0_Manuscript/ folder to keep drafts organized and a 1_Figures/ folder to keep raw PDFs and edited Illustrator files for figures organized

  4. Create a storyboard of the rough figures. Blue boxes and placeholders are ok. The storyboard should accompany an outline of the major text points to be made in the text.

  5. Share, discuss, and iterate

  6. To submit, coordinate with Prof. Fan to upload all relevant documents to the submission portal. Leave at the proofing stage. Prof. Fan will click the final submit button.

  7. Move all contents to a new folder submitted_[journal]_[date]/ for organization