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Lab How Tos

  • Request a letter of recommendation
  • Attend a scientific conference [work-in-progress]
  • Give a scientific poster presentation [work-in-progress]
  • Give a scientific talk [work-in-progress]
  • Review a paper
  • Write a paper [work-in-progress]
  • Write a grant [work-in-progress]

Lab Tips

JHU Resources

For Post-Docs

For PhD Students

For International Students


  • JHU Offices for Diversity and Inclusion - includes links and info on The Office of Multicultural Affairs, Religious and Spiritual Life, Womand and Gender Resources, LGBTQ Life, Center for Disability Services, and more
  • JHU Student Health and Wellness Center - all our full-time, part-time and visiting undergraduate and graduate students as well as post-docatoral fellows are eligible to receive high quality, confidential health care through the Student Health and Wellness Center
  • JHU Benefits and Worklife - resources for family-focused programs, wellness courses, community engagement, and more